ports downgrade in FreeBSD

Last week, i had a job migrating mail server from exim to postfix, but sadly, till now, this job unfinished yet :(. The main problem was synchronizing mail user from different engine to the new one. Thats the first problem. I wont discuss it in here. And, the second problem is, antispam. On my new mail server, antispam consist of spamassasin,Fuzzy-OCR,clamav,maia,and sane-security. Maia is a virus and spam management system built on SpamAssassin and amavisd-new scanner. It mainly supports scanning for viruses, spam, banned attachment types and invalid mail headers. It gives users control over their email accounts and the ability to manage their own content filtering settings through a web-based interface. Confirmed spam and ham are used to automatically train SpamAssassin’s Bayes engine and these recognitions can be automatically reported to spam-monitoring networks. Sounds interesting, isn’t it ? When i configuring maia using existing ports, i had an error on dependency file :(. Finally, i downgrade maia.
How to downgrade ports in FreeBSD ? here is it :

1. First, install portdowngrade program :
cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portdowngrade
2. install it :
make DEFAULT_CVS_SERVER=\”:pserver:anoncvs@anoncvs.tw.freebsd.org:/home/ncvs\” install clean
3. downgrade your ports :
portdowngrade {PORTNAME}

pretty easy right ?


my memorable songs list

hellow readers, back again. Today,i wanna post a blog litte bit different. on my earlier post, i talk about UNIX world, but now, i wanna share to you about song. Song? yeah, song. Everybody including you must have memorable songs right ? me too :D. here it is :
1. Christian Sugiono – Dewi Malam
This song is original soundtrack of ‘JOMBLO’ movies. Why do i like this song ? This song reminds me of time when i chasing her about 4 years ago. and now, she’s my girlfriend. Simple accoustic guitar, simple songs, and easy to learn. I think, if you chasing someone, you should sing this song to your lover, at night, that’s very romantic moment.
2. Craig David – Unbelivable
This is my fave song’s too. my advice, you should sing this song to your lover. With guitar of course 🙂
3. Trisha Yearwood – How Do I Live
this song is original soundtrack of ‘Con Air’. When we watching that movie, i hold her hand, and when the songs is played, i kiss her. my girlfriend said, that when i hear this song, i should remember ‘puppy’, her crocker spaniel dog, and sadly, puppy already in heaven now 😦
4. Daniel Bedingfield – If You’re Not The One
this song reminds me of her. when she’s in kalimantan, i said, ‘if you come to bandung, i will sing this song in front of you’. After i said that, i learn this song in 1 week with my guitar. She’s come to Bandung, it’s time for me to sing that song in front of her. i’m very nerveous. and finally, i cannont completed singing that song, only until the reffrain. why ? because i’m so nerveous :|.

PF Rules for Passive FTP Connection

When you try to securing FTP server with firewall, you should concert about FTP mode. there’s 2 ftp modes, passive and active FTP.I’ve try to configuring pf rules for FTP passive mode with simple rule like this (default block on PF) :

pass in on $ext_if proto tcp to port 21

when servicing passive FTP connection, FTP server using high random ports for transfering data. So, you must passing all of those ports. PF rules will look like this :

pass in on $ext_if proto tcp to port 21
pass in on $ext_if proto tcp to port > 49151

Done 🙂


SNMP filling up /var/log/messages

i have 10 oracle enterprise linux running as server. and i want to monitor those server activity (traffic,memory usage, disk usage and etc). i’ve configuring snmp on those server. after 1 week snmp agent running on those server, i’ve shocked. everytime snmp manager run get-request message, and agent gave reply with get-reply message, it logged to /var/log/messages. i dont want my /var/log/messages filled up with snmp log request. And how to fix that problem ?

open file /etc/sysconfig/snmpd.options, and add these following lines :

OPTIONS=”-LS 0-4 d -Lf /dev/null -p /var/run/snmpd.pid”

restart your snmp service, and done 🙂

one days earliear than today with date

today, after christmas, i have a job, copying backup folder to surabaya. My backup format is dir-name-YYYY-MM-DD, and i want to copy all of file in that directory one day earliear from the current date. So, how i do that task ? after reading man pages of date, i’ve got a clue, here it is :

to get 1 day earlier than today, run this command :

date -v-1d +%Y-%m-%d

on my directory format (dir-name-YYYY-MM-DD), i run this command :

scp -r dir-name-$(date -v-1d +%Y-%m-%d) user_dest@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:/wew/



axel is another download tool on unix besides wget and fetch, etc. On freebsd, default downloader tool is using fetch. i’m very frustating when updating ports/installing package from ports using default downloader from freebsd. I want some tools like internet download manager like in windows. And then i found tools on UNIX who works like IDM, axel 🙂

installing axel quite simple in linux/BSD variant. on this documentation, i using FreeBSD.

installing axel :

#cd /usr/ports/ftp/axel

#make install clean

axel already installed on your BSD, but you must editing /etc/make.conf if you wanna use axel as your default downloader program when you installing program via ports. open /etc/make.conf and then add these lines  :


Try to installing packages via ports, and see the difference 😀

Knowing your own FreeBSD temperature

Hello readers, finally back in here. It’s very long time, i did not update my own blog, i just forget it for almost 1.5 years. Hahahaha, but, it’s okay, in 2011, i hope i can update my blog frequently.

Back to the topic, i publishing this topic, because at the afternoon, my friend told me, that he has a project in SISFO in my ex campus, building like temperature monitoring on my campus datacenter. wow, thats sounds great. on the night, i think, i can build that project in easier way, without using SNMP and Java (my friend told me that in his project, he was using java).

okay, let’s start the configuration.

first, i load the coretemp module on freebsd.

kldload coretemp

after you load coretemp module, you can run this command :
sysctl -a |grep tempera
and the output will be look like this :
hw.acpi.thermal.tz0.temperature: 40.0C

output of sysctl command depends on your server hardware. I test it using AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+, 2GB memory,  Gigabyte NF-M2PV motherboad.

So easy huh ? 😀