another job still waiting

    huehehehehehhe finally finished my works. migrating new system, finally finished. web, chat, and mail, now can server everyone. but still got a little error with the forum. sometimes must 2x login. huh………….. whats wrong with that error. i think the session.hmmm………….  thanks for allDelta and raiden for the team works.

but, another job still waiting. huaaaaaaaaaaaaa T_T. got a little project, creating new server + system for a software house. hmmmmmmmm lot of service. SVN (subversion), jabber, IRC, streaming, mail, web, and etc. and of course the documentation. kekekekekekekeekk lot of service huh???? 1 week must up!!! damn…..

back to my normal life again. never sleep at night. sleep time at 7 a.m. …….. hahahahahah……… thats my normal life!!!!!!! never sleep at night..

hohohohoho……………… prepare first. read the manual

hope will finished soon. i hope so


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